Please Note: at the time of this post, VetsPrevail is open to any and all veterans-the press release states that it is only 500, it is now accessible to all veterans

Vets Prevail Press Information

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Vets PrevailSM Increases Outreach Efforts to Combat P.T.S.D.

Vets PrevailSM has enrolled 500 U.S. veterans and active duty troops in its groundbreaking, web-based training program that helps reintegration into civilian life by building resilience against stress-related disorders. A service of Prevail Health Solutions LLC (“Prevail”), Vets Prevail quickly met and surpassed the enrollment goal set during its Veterans Day launch last month. Featuring interactive e-learning sessions tailored to the military audience that dynamically convey the most relevant content to each user based on his or her input, the lessons also are supported by instant message chats with Veteran Peer Mentors that strike the right balance between anonymity and community. The privacy and convenience of the online program overcome the problems of stigma and access that have prevented many veterans from taking the first step to mental health care.

In light of the strong response, Vets Prevail now has filled its initial allocation of users, funding for which was provided by Welcome Back Veterans, an initiative of Major League Baseball and the McCormick Foundation through a grant to the Veterans’ Corporation, Inc. Since the program is offered at no cost to veterans and service members, Prevail actively is seeking additional support to provide access to Vets Prevail for all veterans and service members, nationwide.

“We knew the Vets Prevail program would achieve a strong response, but we anticipated 500 enrollments within 4 months, not 3 weeks.” says Richard Gengler, CEO and Co Founder of Prevail. “The groundswell of demand shows that today’s military is facing an entirely new set of challenges that require innovative technology solutions. As a veteran-owned organization, we are dedicated to our fellow warriors. We believe this has allowed us to effectively reach out to our military community in a unique way and recruit members of this generation of service members and connect to create a community of care, online.”

Besides actively reaching out to service members by social media, news outlets and email, Vets Prevail is continuing the “We Prevail” campaign by producing a collection of videos showing veterans and family members conveying stories about the effects of PTSD and giving testimonials in support of the Vets Prevail program. Celebrities are also being invited to record their endorsements and names will be announced soon. The videos will be released on the website and circulated through social media and online properties.


Prevail Health Solutions LLC is a Health 2.0 company founded in January 2008 by Richard Gengler and Roger Sweis, then MBA students at University of Chicago. The company was created to provide effective and accessible mental health care to the growing number of soldiers and National Guard members returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. Gengler, a former US Navy pilot, and Sweis, a former health care executive, combined their backgrounds to create a unique delivery model to bring mental health resources to returning troops. Prevail has received financial support from the National Science Foundation to develop its innovative web-based technology.