War’s Amputees: 4 out of 5 Say “Life Is Full”

Wars’ Amputees: 4 of 5 Say “Life Is Full”

By Mark Thompson | @MarkThompson_DC | March 12, 2012 | +
Army photo by Sgt. 1st Class Michael J. Carden

Army photo by Sgt. 1st Class Michael J. Carden
Marine Corporal Raymond Hennagir plays basketball with fellow military amputees in 2010

Nine of 10 have mental disorders. Two of every three suffer from PTSD, and 40% suffer from traumatic brain injury. Nine of 10 are on 100% disability. Four of five also suffer from diseases of the nervous system, and diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue. Many are living with moderate to extreme pain.

Yet amid all this bleakness, there is some good news: more than four of every five also say their “life is full.”

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